In kekw we Trust! 

Chortle your degen buns off through this unruggable memecoin adventure crafted on Cardano. 


kekw is fed up with the constant rugs surrounding overhyped shit coins. Listen to uncles giggles with this unruggable memecoin for Cardano. It’s time to back our favorite cackler to claim his lordship of laughter.


  • Full $kekw supply minted,
  • Locked policy ID,
  • Tokens sent to Liquidity Pool (LP),
  • LP tokens were renounced.

If CEX’s or bridges care to join, feel welcome to swap for it just like the rest of us! :kekw:

Policy ID: 3ee8e0824a7a81bdc5bcacd004c25d3264dd8ac3eb4ab877b5d7d0ce

Burnt LP Tokens:


Token Supply: 101,101,101,101


kekw is a cryptocurrency token with no association to El Ristas. It was created to honor a meme we all love and respect.

kekw is a memecoin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or roadmap. The coin is totally useless and exists for entertainment purposes only.